Construction Advisory Group Updates

Please find meeting notes from the September 18th Construction Advisory Group below.


Meeting Notes:  9/18/18

  • Introductions
    • CB7 – Roberta Semer, Chair.
    • Manhattan Borough President’s Office: Lucille Songhai
    • WSFSSH – Developer: Paul Freitag, Ariel Krasnow, Dena Davis
    • Procida – General Contractor. Reggie Sprogis, Michael Procida
    • Dattner – Architects, Ira Mitchneck
    • CAG participants and guests
  • Work completed since the previous meeting, 8/14/18
    • Fence separation in Anibal Aviles Playground
    • Scaffold going up on 143 West 108
    • Shed and Scaffold permits approved.
    • Waiting for Con Ed cutoffs (electric & gas) to proceed with sidewalk protection
    • Air and Noise Monitors: Three air monitors and two noise monitors are in place.   The fourth air monitor located on Parks property is waiting for Dept. of Parks approval.
  • Work anticipated during September-October
    • Completion of pre-demolition; asbestos removals & site protection
    • First demolition permits.
    • Sidewalk closure (north side of W 108 in front of the construction site)
    • Overnight pedestrian lane will be demarcated with protection barriers.
    • Traffic/Street: Parking lane, south side will be eliminated for the duration of construction.
  • Comments
    • MS 54 requests to see noise and air monitor reports
    • Crossing Guards: Have they been assigned to W 108 & Amsterdam?
      • CB7 will work with MS54 parents to resolve.
    • MS 54 requests an update prior to next meeting.
  • Next Meeting
    • October 23 at 8:00 am at Red Oak,135 West 106th Street


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