Construction Advisory Group Updates

Please find meeting notes from the January 15th  Construction Advisory Group below.

Meeting Notes from January 15, 2019

  • Introductions
    • Procida – General Contractor. Mario Procida, Michael Procida, Ramon Bryant
    • WSFSSH – Developer: Paul Freitag, Ariel Krasnow
    • CB7 – Roberta Semer, Chair
    • Manhattan Borough President’s Office: April Adams
    • Dattner – Architects, Shefali Sanghvi
    • NYC Parks & Recreation – Matt Genrich
    • CAG participants and guests
  • Work completed since December 18, 2018
    • All three demolition permits are ready.
    • All protection is up and monitors are installed.
    • Demolition is starting this week; first on 151-149 West 108, and then 143 W 108.
  • Work expected to be completed over the next month (January – February)
    • Demolition is expected to take roughly 1 week per floor.
    • Anticipated end of Demolition is mid-end of April.
  • Comments / Questions
    • Question about how the shed abuts the fire escape. Procida will review and correct as required.
    • Question about Security: Procida has 24 hour security on site.  Cameras will be installed on the site perimeter, including the Amsterdam alleyway.
    • Question about the Emergency Boiler for the school. Will it happen this year and can it be coordinated with W 108 construction?   School and GC do not think the temporary DOE boiler in the street will be a problem since the south sidewalk remains open throughout.
    • Question about Saturday work hours: Can GC work on the weekends to speed up project completion?   Weekend work variances can be obtained for 9-5 on Saturday 7-5 on Saturday.
  • Next Meeting Dates
    • February 12, 2019
    • March 12, 2019
    • April 9, 2019
    • May 7, 2019 (May 14 was agreed at the meeting– but 5/7 requested afterwards)
    • June 11,2019


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