WSFSSH at West 108
A 100% Permanent Affordable Housing Community

Beautifully-designed permanent affordable housing for seniors and families.  New community resources and meeting space for Manhattan Valley.

About WSFSSH at West 108

The West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing (WSFSSH), a trusted West Side neighbor and one of the City’s most accomplished and respected providers of permanent affordable, senior and family housing, is undertaking a new project, WSFSSH at West 108, to help address the severe shortage of permanent affordable housing options for Manhattan Valley residents.

WSFSSH at West 108 is a beautifully-designed, contextual residential building that includes 194 100% permanently affordable apartments for low-income families and seniors and a new Valley Lodge facility serving 110 seniors, 18 more than today. WSFSSH at West 108 also includes healthcare servicescommunity meeting spaces, a home for the Central Park Medical Unit and public restrooms for Anibal Aviles Playground.  Phase II will add up to 81 additional units of senior housing.

Continued affordable development will help to preserve the income diversity that makes Manhattan Valley special.  WSFSSH at West 108 is an important extension of WSFSSH’s over forty years of work providing permanent affordable housing for seniors and families and significant benefits for the community.

The following organizations are supporting this critical project:

  • Bloomingdale Family Program, Inc.

  • West End Presbyterian Church

  • Goddard Riverside Community Center

  • LiveOn NY

  • Friends of Anibal Aviles Playground

  • New York Mandolin Orchestra

  • Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan

  • The Institute for Family Health

  • Church of the Ascension

  • Westgate Tenants Association

  • Church of Holy Name of Jesus – Saint Gregory the Great


  • S.P.O.P. Service Programs for Older People

  • Romemu

  • Strycker’s Bay Neighborhood Council

  • The DOME Project

  • Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development

  • Broadway Presbyterian Church

  • Enterprise Community Partners, Inc

  • Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church

  • Gateway Housing


  • Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing

  • LeadingAge New York

  • LISC New York City

  • Presbytery of New York City

  • Rutgers Presbyterian Church

  • Second Presbyterian Church

  • Supportive Housing Network of New York

  • Church of the Master, Presbyterian Church

  • Young Israel of the West Side

  • Congregation Ramath Orah

  • Congregation Ohab Zedek

What Supporters of WSFSSH at West 108 Are Saying...

  • "

    I spent many years fighting my landlord to keep my home because the landlords were attempting to raise my rent. It was a terrible time for us. We worried where we will find affordable housing. The rents in our community are pushing us out, we are getting very worried. As we age we should not worry about losing the homes where we raised our children, where we feel comfortable and know the community so well.

    - Eva M.
  • "

    It is our obligation as members of our faith to stand up in service of our neighbors. That’s why I am proud to support WSFSSH at West 108th – because families and seniors of all incomes should be able to live in Manhattan Valley in safety and comfort and without fear of eviction.

    - Rev. Alistair Drummond
    West End Presbyterian Church
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    While too many are looking for silver bullets and shortcuts, or saying ‘it can’t be done’ when it comes to our need for affordable and senior housing, it’s organizations like WSFSSH that are in the trenches doing amazing work. This proposal for a 100% affordable housing development is what I want to see more of, not just on the West Side but across all of Manhattan.

    - Gale A. Brewer
    Manhattan Borough President

The Facts About WSFSSH at West 108

  • Fact

    WSFSSH at West 108 will address the dire need for 100 percent permanent affordable housing for seniors and families in Manhattan Valley, continuing a nearly forty year WSFSSH tradition of helping the most vulnerable in our community.


    New York City continues to wrestle with housing affordability—especially in Manhattan. A recent study by the New York Times identified Manhattan Valley as one of the top five fastest growing real estate markets in the city; in just six months, median home prices in the neighborhood have grown 19 percent.

    WSFSSH has provided high-quality affordable and supportive housing on the Upper West Side for almost forty years. In the 1980’s when there was no investment in Manhattan Valley, WSFSSH redeveloped vacant buildings and helped turn blighted streets into safe residential blocks. Now, WSFSSH is in a position to help protect the same neighborhood from the effects of rapid gentrification while continuing to provide resources for low-income seniors, to live with security and dignity.

  • Fact

    The development will integrate gracefully into the historic residential fabric of the broader neighborhood.


    West 108th Street in Manhattan Valley is an ideal location for housing, across from a school, adjacent to a playground, and connected to residential blocks on either side. The three parking garages there have been under the jurisdiction of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development since the late 1960’s, signaling the City’s early intent to transition them to housing. For the past 30 years the block has also been home to Valley Lodge, WSFSSH’s transitional facility for homeless seniors.

    WSFSSH is going through a rezoning process with the city—and with several taller buildings on the surrounding blocks, the proposed building is within parameters of existing building heights in the neighborhood. Designed by award-winning architecture firm Dattner Architects, the building steps back to ensure that the block will continue to enjoy ample sunlight. Shadow studies have concluded that the shade impact of the building on the adjacent playground will be negligible, with no shadows on the ball field.

  • Fact

    WSFSSH at West 108 will include a community center as well as a robust array of other community benefits for all of Manhattan Valley to enjoy.


    All of WSFSSH’s developments include resources for the surrounding community to situate each as integral parts of their neighborhoods; WSFSSH at West 108 will adhere to that guiding principle. The development will provide a space for the CPMU ambulances and the deeply committed volunteers that support them; it will include public bathrooms for the playground and school yard on the block; it will provide direct access to its community center from the street for use by Manhattan Valley; and it will include 6,000 square feet of community space for healthcare services.

  • Fact

    WSFSSH has met with the community on multiple occasions over the past year and continues to engage on the issue of parking. We have made significant efforts to address the parking concerns.


    We know that the loss of below-market rate parking is a burden to some in the community who may have to pay more and park further from their homes. After consultation with the community, we have agreed that one of the three garages will not be developed for a minimum of five years. That garage houses 90 spaces, but we have worked with a parking planner to identify plans and technology that could increase the capacity to 125 spaces.

    After a detailed analysis it was confirmed that underground parking is too expensive to build and operate in an affordable housing development, but we are also continuing to explore possible ways to incorporate some amount of parking into the development, if funding can be identified.